Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Geoff Mckay - TEAM WORK

Our team’s job is to help people feel good when they use Pinterest. We try to make Pinterest-the-product feel clear and delightful, and Pinterest-the-brand feel authentic and relatable.
The first way we do this is by defining The Pinterest Voice. The second is through content strategy proper, which means everything from creating workflows for our translators, to training other teams at Pinterest how to write in our voice, to coming up with ideas for brand campaigns. The third, and probably most important, is through writing itself. We write or edit nearly everything you see on Pinterest, as well as all our marketing, branding and business-facing stuff.
How did you get involved writing for technology companies? It seems like a different world from editorial.
Totally. I imagine people think of them as separate because “editorial” seems literary, whereas “tech” seems techy.
To me, though, they seem really related. Like writers who work at a publishers or magazines, writers who work at tech companies are responsible for coming up with ideas that interest readers, and communicating those ideas in a way that interests readers.
Tech writing gets a bad rep because, historically, tech companies haven’t been great at communicating. I think that’s changing, though—more and more startups are investing in high-quality editorial and writing. My team hopes that eventually, Pinterest will be as fun to read (and use of course!) as a good magazine.

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